The Main Grains and Ghost Guitar Pickups

Delighted to announce we are working with the guys at Ghost Pickups on some special, signature model pickups for Ben and JJ. The company currently provide for, among others, Ginger Wildheart, and the guitars used on his latest UK tour were fitted with his signature models. We can't wait for you guys to see and hear these things! Check the guys out below

Ghost pickup and pedal mods UK are a new and unique company, in which already has impressed professional musicians and surpassed expectations of many. 

We modify your guitar pedals and give them something new, soon we will release our own range of ghost pedals focusing on overdrive & distortion . We also stock a range of modded pedals, Please enquire via email for stock & availability.We repair pedals and effects units too, Free quotation for repair, No fix No fee!! 

In the near future we will release Ghost pickups and spice up your guitar!

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